Monarch Bath welcomes you to a world where practicality meets sophistication in-home amenities. Our selection of bathroom urinals is carefully curated to transform your personal space into a haven of modern elegance, with each urinal designed for comfort and crafted with precision. Our collection features diverse styles to suit every aesthetic inclination, from sleek minimalism to classic luxury and contemporary chic. Whether you prefer timeless porcelain finishes or avant-garde metallic accents, we have the perfect urinal to complement your vision. At Monarch Bath, we prioritize innovation and quality. Our urinals are not just exquisite additions to your bathroom; they’re engineered with water-saving features and easy maintenance in mind, ensuring efficiency without compromising on luxury. Our urinals combine impeccable craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to elevate your bathroom experience.

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Edge Senso Urinal

Edge Senso urinal by Hindware. It has a striking design with thin-rimmed ceramics and is perfect for modern bathrooms in the hospitality and commercial sectors. Its sleek rimless design and an IR Sensor effortlessly cleans the bowl before and after each use, maintains personal hygiene and reflects grace in the clean bathroom environment.


Omega Neo Standard Urinal by Hindware. Ivory and starwhite two colour options are availabel in Hindware Omega Neo Urinal. Size:32 × 28 × 57 cm.

Opus Urinal

Opus Urinal by Hindware. Given its modern, minimalist design, the product looks excellent in any environment. It has a very clean-looking hidden plumbing system. Furthermore, the elegant design gives the typical commercial setting an expansive feel.

Rhine Standard Urinal

Buy Rhine Standard Urinal by Hindware. The Hindware Rhine Standard Urinal comes in a starwhite finish and a ten-year warranty. Size: 28 × 34.5 × 69 cm.

Senso Art Sensor Urinal

Sensory Urinal from Senso Art Range by Hindware. High-tech urinals with built-in sensors for a touch-free hygienic experience.


Urinal (355x340x535 mm) in a white finish by Jaquar. Fixing accessories included. Shop Toilet Urinals Online in India.